Booking Agent Youtube Video


You ever want to know how booking artists really work? Watch this very informational Video of Dave Shapiro from Agency Group, Nick Storch of ICM, and Brad Owen of Windish Agency.

It is really interesting to listen to them talk about how the Booking industry has changed from the times they started their work to today. Brad Owen (who has worked with electronic producers Rusko, Caspa, and Ztrip) states that the  artists in today’s industry do not last as long as they used to. In the electronic music scene, most artists make it big for about 8 months then their popularity dies down and their bookings die down.

From an artist’s perspective, this is because it is so “simple” and very cost free to sit at a computer and to make synthesizers and drum tracks. This causes music to be produced more and thus listeners can have unlimited access to cheap and/or free music. So for example you may be addicted to Deadmau5’s music for a month, then the next month your into Daft Punk’s. By the time you are listening to Avicii, you can easily say,”Deadmau5? That was so 8 months ago!”

For bigger acts of other genres, artists are now booked more in advance than they were 10 years ago. According to Dave Shapiro, who booked acts such as pop act Hanson and the band Devil Wears Prada, states that he books artists 6 months or more in advance.

It is obvious to say that bigger acts in the electronic music world are always trying to “one-up” the artist before them in production and stage sets. You have Feed Me with his teeth setup and Skrillex with his spaceship setup. More LEDs!

Does this issue come up as a problem for booking agents?

What can smaller acts do to get booked faster and more often?

Find out the answers and more in the video posted.

MARKETING TIPS by the man who marketed KISS

Did you know that KISS has done so well with their marketing scheme that you can get KISS lunch boxes and also get a KISS coffin for your rockin’ grave? Well it is true.

Today I have an awesome free ebook, by Michael Brandvoid, titled “KISS School of Marketing”.

Now just to note, I am sure KISS did not endorse this book, but their are some really helpful tips! Learn why All Press is Good Press, why name “branding” works as a marketing tool, and “The Secret to Success” in marketing.

DOWNLOAD FOR FREE! Great short read! KISS School of Marketing Download Link 



So after searching and searching for another fun way to spread my music. I looked through all of my options. Soundcloud, Facebook, Tumbler, Bandcamp,… the list goes on. Then I found Onesheet and I am so excited!

Onesheet is a simple networking tool. There is only one page or “one sheet” and it allows you to upload a picture to create a sleek looking background. This is so neat because you do not have to know how to use html codes or iframe codes. Just upload and go.

Not only is the background option cool and new, the setup only takes a couple of minutes total! It lets you link your Facebook, Soundcloud, and Twitter up so you can let your fans see everything on one sheet. If you  want to have your Facebook Wall Posts up next to your Soundcloud track list or you Twitter feed on the same page as your Youtube videos, it is all possible with Onesheet.

Another great thing that I like about Onesheet is how interactive it is. Giving fans the option to download a song or post a comment to Facebook really makes it fun.

Onesheet also offers an upgrade which allows more options than just the basic. You can collect email addresses from your fans, have the option of not having the Onesheet logo, or you can even use the mobile web app. This all comes with the pro upgrade for 4.99 dollars a month.


The reason why I wanted to include whatfont in my blog this time as well as Onesheet is that they kind of go hand in hand. For those of you that are DIY graphic designers and you are like me and like to create your own album artwork, gig fliers, or background images for personal websites then this tool is perfect.

All that it is is a simple add on to your web browser. If you stumble upon a website with an awesome font, then you click the icon in your browser titled “whatfont”. When this is done, you can now waive your mouse arrow over the font to find out WHAT FONT it is!

This is a free tool and has helped me with my design needs. I am not sure if it is compatible with all browser but I suggest using it with google chrome! Click the link to get Whatfont?  !

Is using MOG another way of marketing your music?

Well it is for anyone that knows how to use it correctly. MOG is just like iTunes but is actually more fun and interactive to use.

The way to get your profile started on MOG is through TuneCore. TuneCore only costs about 10 dollars a year for a single to be distributed and about 5 dollars a month for an album of yours to be distributed.

The neat thing about MOG is that it connects with your Facebook. It gives you recommendations based on the artists you “like” of Facebook. This also means that MOG will help grab potential fans and point them in your direction. MOG also allows you to listen to music for free. This is based on a point system and the way to get more points is to share your music.

Other cool features on MOG is being able to listen to what your friends are. This section is called “Inspired By Your Friends”. What happens here is that MOG can read what artists your friends liked on Facebook and can give you suggestions for new music.

MOG is free for a limited amount of plays and streams. But the basic fee is about 5 bucks a month which is an awesome price to find great music.

There is also a “Just For You” section as well which is the same as the “Inspired By Your Friends” section, but is solely based on the artist you liked.

My FAVORITE PART! – You can create playlists and can also send them and share them to your friends! This is neat because once your music is uploaded you can send friends, families, coworkers, etc your playlist and you may find it easier to rack in more money for yourself!


Go check it out, Its free to signup for both Tunecore and MOG.

Also, Be aware that you should always Copyright your music before uploading to Tunecore! Mastered tracks are always preferred.

*The downside of this is that because it is streaming you will get portion of about 40 percent of the revenue your tunes bring every time it is streamed. So your bill will be about 10 cent transactions. BUT it is a nice thing to have in order to spread and expand your fan base.

Hopefully you will be able to pull enough money in to pay your 5 dollar a month fee for Tunecore.


Tunecore can also help you distribute to Itunes and other downloading sites as well. SO BE RESOURCEFUL and AWARE of where your music will make its most money!

*For more information on how your payments will look for streams go here