So after searching and searching for another fun way to spread my music. I looked through all of my options. Soundcloud, Facebook, Tumbler, Bandcamp,… the list goes on. Then I found Onesheet and I am so excited!

Onesheet is a simple networking tool. There is only one page or “one sheet” and it allows you to upload a picture to create a sleek looking background. This is so neat because you do not have to know how to use html codes or iframe codes. Just upload and go.

Not only is the background option cool and new, the setup only takes a couple of minutes total! It lets you link your Facebook, Soundcloud, and Twitter up so you can let your fans see everything on one sheet. If you  want to have your Facebook Wall Posts up next to your Soundcloud track list or you Twitter feed on the same page as your Youtube videos, it is all possible with Onesheet.

Another great thing that I like about Onesheet is how interactive it is. Giving fans the option to download a song or post a comment to Facebook really makes it fun.

Onesheet also offers an upgrade which allows more options than just the basic. You can collect email addresses from your fans, have the option of not having the Onesheet logo, or you can even use the mobile web app. This all comes with the pro upgrade for 4.99 dollars a month.


The reason why I wanted to include whatfont in my blog this time as well as Onesheet is that they kind of go hand in hand. For those of you that are DIY graphic designers and you are like me and like to create your own album artwork, gig fliers, or background images for personal websites then this tool is perfect.

All that it is is a simple add on to your web browser. If you stumble upon a website with an awesome font, then you click the icon in your browser titled “whatfont”. When this is done, you can now waive your mouse arrow over the font to find out WHAT FONT it is!

This is a free tool and has helped me with my design needs. I am not sure if it is compatible with all browser but I suggest using it with google chrome! Click the link to get Whatfont?  !